The world’s small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are facing unprecedented tough times due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Covid-19 was first reported in November 2019 at Wuhan, China, and spread to other countries across the world. Many business owners are now in a crisis mode as their companies are experiencing a nosedive in sales while others are closing shop.

The good news is there are companies and software that help people to cope with the pandemic. If you checked your email in the last two months, then you might have noticed emails from businesses telling their consumers to keep safe and even donating money to help in the fight.

What Could Go Wrong When Building Your Own Website?

There is also software—including website builders-- for helping people during this pandemic. Due to this pandemic, people have to maintain social distance, and therefore, getting a programmer or web designer for your site can be challenging. This has made website builders like Zyro, or content management systems like WordPress a friend to SMB owners all around the world.

Why Website Builders Are Essential to SMBs During the Covid-19 Pandemic

1. They Enable Businesses to Operate Remotely

In a crisis like a coronavirus epidemic, in-person training is a challenge as most countries now have travel restrictions and implemented quarantines.

This has created many obstacles to brick and mortar companies making it necessary to provide online services. Website builders are a reliable and easy way to increase your reach, and to start operating without the brick and mortar confinement.

Most businesses have experienced a low drive in sales, with some being forced to close shop or move services to their homes.

Website builders are tools that are already in use and are accessible as it does not require one to start from scratch.

Most affected countries advise their citizens to operate from home if they can. But not anyone can work remotely from home. For these businesses, they should have strict hygienic practices, maintain social distance, wash hands regularly, and disinfect the business operation areas.

Overall, the value of website builders in the middle of the epidemic is enormous as businesses can handle their website building and management without in-person interaction or the help of web designers.

2. Providing Reliable and High-Quality Services

Unlike brick and mortar services, selling online is much easier, and with an online shop, you will add a source of revenue. In these times of coronavirus, many people are staying at home and prefer to order food, clothing, and other items online.

Therefore, a reliable website builder will enable your SMB to build a site if it doesn't have one and reach out to potential customers. For those businesses with an established online presence, they can use this tool to do doorstep deliveries based on the country.

This is where the business owner will deliver the parcels on the customer's doorstep, and there will be no contact. The vulnerable will benefit from this door-to-door delivery as they won't have to step out of their homes.

3. Adding Support Links to Their Websites

Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, one of the most affected sectors has been small and medium-sized businesses. This is because it's hard for them to connect to their customers due to many travel restrictions.

The good news is that many people across the world want to support SMBs such as local watering holes, corner bookstores, and other businesses that are important to the livelihood of a neighborhood. One of the most searched topics now is "how to help small businesses," with searches increasing by over 900% percent from January to March 2020.

Website builders have been helping the SMBs to add support features to their sites for gift cards and donations. Now, companies can add links to their business profiles and partner with payment providers such as PayPal and GoFundMe to get support from individuals and organizations. Customers can also help their favorite local businesses by sending donations and gift cards to them.

Google has helped in this push as they are introducing a feature that'll enable people to see if local businesses in their area accept donations or have gift card links. This will help ease the financial burdens of these businesses due to many uncertainties resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Wrapping Up

As the number of Covid-19 cases rises, sales are also going down for traditional systems. But there is a ray of hope for online businesses as website builders will help them maintain an online presence to improve business.

These measures will help your SMB get on track and support some of its operations. Get a reliable website builder today, and enjoy keeping your site up-to-date, customizing it, and improving its user experience.

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